Kostas Petropoulos considers music to be one of his greatest passions. It’s something that becomes immediately clear the moment your ears meet up with one of his signature productions— powerfully emotive melodies, richly textured, layered with a complexity that’s more akin to a baroque canvas than a sound recording. It’s also no wonder, then, that the majority of his life has been spent doing it, over half of that time in a professional capacity.

Kostas began his musical journey at the tender age of 2, acting out his curiosity on a toy piano & just about anything else he could get his hands on that would produce sound. His first proper instrument was a recorder (as in English flute, not tape) which he played in an ensemble, & by the time he was 10 had developed a love of orchestral music that propelled him to take up the violin, becoming a member of his school orchestra. It was at this same time that he taught himself to play keyboards & thus a love of synthesizers & electronic music was kindled. Unaware though he was, this would be a defining turn for what was to come.

Kostas’ interest in electronic music extended itself into a desire to learn recording & production, which he diligently practiced using crude methods. After a brief stint learning to play the guitar & bass, he became taken with the dance music of the mid-1990s. His senses heightened, he plunged headlong into the world of DJing, skillfully learning the art of the turntables. This was joined by a previously undiscovered talent for rapping & lyric writing as well as more formal instruction in music technology. At the age of 16, he took up remixing songs in an attempt to replicate the sound of the club tracks that so intrigued him. He would soon discover, however, that these remixes would evolve into something more. Later that year, he began producing songs, not just his own but for other people as well. His burgeoning production skills along with the advent of the internet as a means of sharing music brought him into contact with many different people of all musical tastes, from fellow artists, vocalists, & DJs to record company executives & most importantly, fans from the US & all around the world.

After over 200 remixes, 100 original compositions, 6 albums of original material, & numerous other productions spanning 20 years, Kostas is most proud of the work he does today, striving to have a life-changing impact on all people who would hear his music. Guided by his Christian faith, he seeks to create an environment where the essence of a song is captured so completely that it brings both the artist & listener to a full state of harmony. And it is in that moment that people are able to experience one of the greatest gifts God has to offer.