Artist • Producer • Songwriter • Remixer


   Often referred to as a musical chameleon, Kostas Petropoulos is aptly so called because of his ever-changing musical styles. What distinguishes his work from so many other artists is that he makes use of a varying range of genres, from all kinds of dance music including trance, breakbeat, & house to hip hop, rock, Latin, R & B, & beyond. Kostas credits this ability to having grown up embracing all styles of music, & this naturally made its way into his eventual production career. He began playing musical instruments in 1984 at the young age of 2, & since then has only continued to expand his musical horizons. He started playing in ensembles in 1990, first on   the recorder (English flute) & then in 1992 with the violin. That same year he also taught himself to play the piano from the help of his first keyboard. 

   Kostas was always fascinated by sound, especially synths which logically allowed for a segue into subsequent endeavors. During this time he learned the art of recording & production, recording songs which he himself played on the keyboard. Three years later he would learn the guitar & bass guitar & in 1996 embarked on what would become the most influential part of his life today. He became a DJ, skillfully mastering the art of the turntables. Later that year he even took a totally different approach to music by getting into rapping. Then, his musical interests once again began to expand. In 1997 Kostas began to learn more about the technological end of music by taking music technology courses at his high school. This led its way into the work he does today. 

   In 1998 he took up remixing songs in an attempt to replicate the sound of the club tracks that so intrigued him. However he would soon discover that his own takes on the songs would begin to evolve on their own. Later that year he began to produce songs, not only his own but for other people as well. Since then things have taken off, as he has come in contact with many different people of all musical tastes including artists, producers, DJs, record company executives, & most importantly fans from the US & all over the world. 

   It is not only a varying musical palette but also a deeper understanding of the music that propels Kostas to put such intense feeling into his music. More than anything it is most important for him to capture the essence & meaning of a song no matter what that requires, connecting on a level that brings both the artist & listener to a full state of musical harmony. And it is in that moment that people are able to experience one of the greatest gifts life has to offer.


Infusion (2003)

Fantasmagoria (2004)

The Return Of Anteros (2007)

Oversoul (2010)

Cry Of The Red Pisces (2012)


REMIXES (commissioned mixes in italics; official commercial mixes in bold italics )


214. Danger Twins - Like What You See (K.O. Dance Party Mix) (K.O. Dance Party Dub)


213. Gwen Stefani - Used To Love You (K.O. Future House Mix)
212. X Ambassadors - Renegades (K.O. Dance Remix)               


211. Hudson Mohawke - Chimes (K.O. Tranzworld EDM Mix) (K.O. No Damn Trap Mix) 
210. The Secret Sisters - Iuka (K.O. Funkin Disko Mix) (K.O. Funkin Disko Dub) 
209. Lorde - Biting Down (K.O. Chomp & Stomp Mix) 
208. Michael Weatherly - Under The Sun (K.O. Ibiza Sunrise Mix) 
207. A Gift Of Love feat. Martin Sheen - Caught In The Fire Of Love (K.O. Trance Mix) 
206. Kimmo Matias feat. CaroLand - Down Boy (K.O. Anthem Dub Mix) (K.O. Dubstrumental) (K.O. Synthapella)  


205. OneRepublic - Counting Stars (K.O. Classic Club Mix) (K.O. Deep Dub) (K.O. Radio Mix) 
204. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Everybody's On The Run (K.O. Big Room Anthem Mix) (K.O. Big Room Instrumental) 
203. Kimmo Matias feat. Melissa Magdalene - Freestyle (K.O. Dark & Lovely Mix - Explicit) (K.O. Dark & Lovely Mix - Clean) (K.O. Dark & Lovely Instrumental Mix)  
202. G.E. Smith - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (K.O. Vocal Mix) 
201. Levi Kreis - Love Revolution (Silent Assassins Mix) 
200. will.i.am feat. Britney Spears - Scream & Shout (Silent Assassins Mix) 


199. Tara Busch - Rocket Wife (West End Low Rider Mix) 

198. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside - I Swear (K.O. Dirty Radio Dub) 
197. Jeremy Amelin feat. Jessica Lowndes - Undone (K.O. Hyper Injection Mix) (K.O. Injection Dubstrumental) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
196. Girls Love Shoes - Stars (K.O. Club Vocal Mix) 
195. Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - On The Floor (K.O. FloorKilla Anthem Mix) (K.O. Dubstrumental) (K.O. Radio Edit) 


194. Kostas Petropoulos - Hold On Me (K.O. Retro Future Club Mix) (West End Low Rider Mix)  
193. Lil Jon feat. LMFAO - Outta Your Mind (Silent Assassins Bootlegged Mix) 
192. Jose Nuñez feat. Taina - Bilingual (K.O. 2010 Explicit Mix) (K.O. 2010 Clean Mix) (K.O. 2010 Instrumental) 


191. Randy Friess - Down On Me (K.O. Love Power Mix) (K.O. Synthapella) (Love Power Radio Edit) (Silent Assassins Down & Dirty Dub) (K.O. Love Power Mix v2.0) (Love Power Radio Edit v2.0) 
190. Jeremy Amelin - What More (Silent Assassins Mix) 


189. Lee Hazlewood  & Nancy Sinatra - Some Velvet Morning (K.O. Velvet Psychedelic Mix) 
188. Vibelicious feat. Dean Boudreau - Shattered Dreams (Silent Assassins Mix) 
187. Cusco - Inca Dance (HardStyle Remix) (HardStyle Remix Edit) 
186. Ysa Ferrer - On Fait L'Amour (K.O. Epic Club Mix) (K.O. Epic Club Instrumental) (K.O. Epic Club Mixshow) 
185. Cassandre - Liberté (K.O. Flashback Mix) (K.O. Freedom Dub) 


184. Michal Nicolas - Another Day (K.O. DeepZone Club Mix) 


183. Alex Bass - Deeper (K.O. Reconstruction Mix) 
182. David Greg Harth - **** Blood (K.O. Remix) 
181. Rock Kills Kid - Paralyzed (K.O. Tripped Out Mix) (K.O. Dubstrumental) 
180. Reina - On My Own (K.O. Vocal Club Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
179. Ysa Ferrer - Carmen (K.O. Kosmic Journey Mix) 
178. Carrie Sweeney - Just Another Sad Love Song (K.O. Classic Club Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
177. Randy Friess - Our Love (K.O. Main Club Mix) (K.O. Main Dub) (K.O.'s "Give It to Me" Redux
176. Madonna - Get Together (K.O. Deep Anthem Mix) 


175. Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (K.O. Dirty Dancin' At The Club Mix) 
174. Vertical Smile - Bad Habit (K.O. Addictive Mix) 
173. Pleasure Center - Getcha Some (K.O.'s Gettin' Some Club Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) (K.O. Instrumental Mix) 
172. Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You (K.O. Hard Anthem Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) (K.O. Radio Instrumental) 
171. Robert G Roy pres. Dualission - Underground (K.O.'s Flying High In Space Mix) 
170. Ricky Martin feat. Fat Joe & Amerie - I Don't Care (K.O. Vocal Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
169. Pete Rage feat. Ceevox - Love Is (K.O. Dark Excursion Mix) 
168. Ananyi feat. Amethyste - Will You Be There (K.O. Deep Euphoria Mix) (K.O. Ambient Euphoric Mix)  
167. Dean Boudreau - Incomplete (K.O. Deep & Lush Mix) (K.O. Deep & Lush Instrumental) (K.O. Radio Mix)  
166. Pleasure Center - Believe In Me (K.O. Workin' Vocal Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
165. Dean Boudreau - In Your Eyes (K.O. Midnight Anthem) (K.O. Radio Mix)  
164. Motiv 8 feat. Bibiana - Continuum (K.O. Deeper Mix) 
163. Helena Paparizou - My Number One (K.O. Power Anthem) (Lyra Dub) (K.O. Radio Mix) 
162. Lost Knowledge feat. Matt Lorentzen - Hazard (K.O. Deeper Mix) (K.O. Stripped Down Vocal Dub) 
161. Ananyi - Waiting Tonight (K.O. Vocal Mix) (K.O. Radio Mix)  
160. Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds (K.O. Bad Ass Big Room Anthem) (K.O. Drum Dub) 
159. Dean Boudreau - I'll Be Loving You (K.O. Lite Mix) (K.O. Lite Instrumental) (K.O. Radio Edit)  
158. Brandy - Afrodisiac (K.O. Deepified Club Mix) 
157. Diva Nation feat. Randy Friess - Tragic (K.O. FloorKilla Anthem) (K.O. FloorKilla Dubamental) 
156. Usher feat. Fabolous - Caught Up (K.O. Club Mix) (K.O. Radio Mix) 


155. Michal Nicolas - I Lost My Baby (To The DJ) (K.O. Back In The Dayz Mix) 
154. Alicia Keys - Karma (K.O. Vocal House Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
153. Lindsay Lohan - Rumors (K.O. ReWerked Club Mix) 
152. U2 - Vertigo (K.O. Ride The Trip Mix) (K.O. Tripped Out Dubstrumental) 
151. Ananyi - Insomnia (K.O. Nocturnal Mix)  
150. Michal Nicolas - That's The Way I Miss You (K.O. Deep Analog Mix) (K.O. Warm Analog Dub) (K.O. Radio Edit)  
149. Nelly Furtado - Forca (K.O. Forca Da Natureza Anthem Mix) (K.O. Forca Da Natureza Instrumental) 
148. David Guetta feat. Chris Willis & Moné - Money (K.O. Anthem Mix) 
147. Josh Riptide feat. Randy Friess - Streets Paved Of Gold (K.O. Deeper Mix) (K.O. Deeper Instrumental) (K.O. Deeper Radio Mix) (K.O . Insane Dub) 
146. Randy Friess - Break The Glass (K.O. Deep Anthem Mix) (K.O. Deep Radio Mix)  
145. The Chemical Brothers feat. K-OS - Get Yourself High (K.O. Higher Mix) 
144. Britney Spears - Toxic (K.O. Level 5 Toxicity Mix) (K.O. Level 5 Instrumental) 


143. William Orbit feat. Finley Quaye & Beth Orton - Dice (K.O. Vocal Club Mix) (K.O. Radio Mix) 
142. Kostas Petropoulos - Oblivion (K.O. Deep Soul Mix)  
141. Overseer - Slayed (K.O. Breakbeat Mix) (K.O. Bonus Piece) 
140. Victor Calderone - Deep Dark Jungle (K.O. Trancegressive Mix) 
139. Randy Friess - Stay Away (K.O. Hi-NRG Anthem Mix) (K.O. Dubstrumental) (K.O. Hi-NRG Radio Edit) 
138. Ginger Coyle - Someone Else (K.O. Club Mix) 
137. Gerald Goode - Free In Your Arms (K.O. Euphonic Mix) (K.O. Ambient Mix) (K.O. Euphonic Dub) 
136. DJ - Fear-Ce (K.O. Phunk Mix) 
135. Ball In The House - Just Because (K.O. Club Mix) (K.O. Instrumental) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
134. Ball In The House - All About Me (K.O. Club Mix) (K.O. Club Dub) (K.O. Radio Edit)  
133. Tears Of Technology - The Untold Story (K.O. Epic Mix) 
132. Marascia - Shake It (K.O. Underground Club Mix) 
131. Ball In The House - Something I Don't Know (K.O. 12" Vocal Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) (K.O. Stringapella) 
130. Pretty Poison - Catch Me I'm Falling (K.O. Hard Dance Thriller Mix) (K.O. Hard Dance Thriller Dub) (K.O. House Mix
129. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (K.O. Tribal Anthem) 
128. K.O. - Possessed (K.O. Underground Tribal Mix) 
127. Randy Friess - Proud Mary (K.O. Pumpin' House Mix) (K.O. Fierce Dub) 
126. Becky Baeling - If You Love Me (K.O. Transient Journey Mix) 
125. Delerium - After All (K.O. Synergetic Mix) (K.O. Synergetic Dub) 
124. Aaron Loveland - Trust Me (K.O. Deep Club Mix) (K.O. Deep Club Dub) 
123. No Mercy - Where Do You Go (K.O. 2003 Anthem Mix) (K.O. 2003 Anthem Dub) 


122. Danielle B - Too Bad (K.O. Epic Mix) (K.O. Epic Dub) (K.O. Radio Edit) (K.O. Radio Instrumental) (K.O. UK Radio Edit)  
121. Ysa Ferrer - Made In Japan (K.O. Harajuku French Deep Tribal Mix) (K.O. Harajuku Japanese Deep Tribal Mix) (K.O. Harajuku Deep Tribal Dub) (K.O. Harajuku French Radio Edit) (K.O. Harajuku Japanese Radio Edit) 
120. Michelle Branch - Here With Me (K.O. Bootleg Mix) 
119. Anthony Rodriguez - I Hear A Melody (K.O. Flip Hop Mix) 
118. Omnitechnomatrix - Light Years Apart (K.O. Outer Limits Mix) 
117. Beyonce Knowles - Wishing On A Star (K.O. Club Mix) (K.O. Dub) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
116. Eric Himan - Wish (K.O. Club Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) (K.O. Radio Instrumental) (K.O. Acapella) 
115. Suzy K - Only Yesterday (K.O. Epic Trance Mix) (K.O. Epic Trance Dub) (K.O. Epic Radio Mix) 
114. Dejin - Shattered (K.O. Hard Euphoria Mix) (K.O. Hard Euphoria Dub) 
113. Missy Elliott - Work It (K.O. Ragga Mix) (K.O. Underworld Dub) 
112. Randy Friess - Feel Free (K.O. Hard Vocal Mix) (K.O. Alternate Vocal Mix) (K.O. Feelin' Free Mix) (K.O. Hard Instrumental) (K.O. Radio Edit) (K.O. Vocal Trance Mix) (K.O. Instrumental Trance Mix)  
111. Kelly Rowland - Stole (Rock Ballad Remix) (Rock Ballad Instrumental) 
110. Mental Anguish - Reign Of Locusts (K.O. Hard Breakz Mix) 
109. Aaron Loveland - Think About It (K.O. Bump & Jump Mix)  
108. Late Night Adventurers - Stones From The Temple (K.O. Full-On Tribal Mix) 
107. Autocad - Last Date 2 (K.O. Dark Synth Mix) 
106. Eliana - Feel Your Love (K.O.'s Latin Love Mix) 
105. Danielle B feat. Genie - Let It Flow (K.O. House Remix) 
104. Jade Starling - Safe Keeping (K.O. Momentous Mix) (K.O. Momentous Dub)  
103. Monica - All Eyez On Me (K.O. Alternative Club Mix) (K.O. Alternative Dub Mix) 
102. DJ Light pres. Tavarua - Kirra (K.O. Energy Mix) 
101. Whitney Houston - Whatchulookinat (K.O. Tribal Energy Mix) (K.O. Tribal Energy Dub) 
100. Devin Vasquez - Can You Say (K.O. Latin Flavor Club Mix) (K.O.'s Laid Back Hip Hop Mix) 
99. Solange - Feelin' You (K.O. Electro Mix) (K.O. R & B Smooth Mix) (K.O. Fierce Phunk Dub) 
98. Ghost In The Machine feat. Amaris - Sunless Sky (K.O. Dark Sunrise Mix) 
97. Eve feat. Alicia Keys - Gangsta Lovin' (K.O. Hip Hop Remix) 
96. Taylor Dayne - How Many (K.O. Trance Mix) 
95. Autocad - Joy Of Speed (K.O. High Speed Mix)  
94. Beyonce Knowles - Work It Out (K.O. Underground Hip Hop Remix) (K.O. Underground Hip Hop Remix Instrumental) 
93. Chelsi Smith - Dom Da Da (K.O. Synth Workout Remix)  
92. Lunatek - This Time (K.O. EuroJam Remix) 
91. Ysa Ferrer - Circonstanciel (K.O.Tribal Workout Mix) (K.O. Tribal Drum Dub)  
90. DJ Mozy feat. Natasha Saladino - Angels (K.O. Underground Anthem) (K.O. Underground Dub) 
89. DJ PhitZ - Mind Echo (K.O. Trippy House Mix) 
88. FortyleveN - Uncertainty Of Days (K.O. Abstract Heavy Rock Mix) 
87. Ysa Ferrer - Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux (K.O. Tribal Speed Bump Mix) (K.O. Tribal Speed Bump Instrumental) 
86. Jo James - Sunshine On A Cloudy Day (K.O.'s Uplifting Trance Mix) (K.O.'s Uplifting Trancestrumental) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
85. K.O. feat. B-Roc - That's It (K.O. Tribal Club Anthem) 
84. Late Night Adventurers - Pass Da Honey (K.O.'s Late Night Adventure)  
83. Mikey J. - Ecstacy (K.O. Ecstatic Big Room Mix) 
82. Late Night Adventurers - Abstract Model Theory (K.O. Abstracted Deep Mix) 
81. James William Hobbs - You Told Me (K.O. Club Mix) 
80. Darrin Brewer - Dayglo (K.O. Ocean Drive Vocal Mix) (K.O. Hard Techno Mix) 
79. Zygote Productions - Quid Est Nobiscum (K.O. Trance Anthem) 
78. Lunatek - Step Into My Dreams (K.O. Tribal Anthem) (K.O. Tribal Dub) 
77. Trancient Dreams - Shiva (K.O. Trancendental Mix) 
76. MG And Tony P. - Spacewar (K.O. Epic Battle Mix) 
75. Trancient Dreams - Wild Fire (K.O. Tribal Anthem) (K.O. Tribal Dub) 
74. B-Roc - The Blame (K.O. Cyber Drum & Bass Mix) 
73. Rex James - Summer Lake (K.O. Breakbeat Mix) 
72. B-Roc, o8o, & HYD? - Rockin' In The MLT (K.O. Remix) (K.O. Remix Beats Dub) 
71. Floating Duckie - What You Want (K.O. Underground Club Mix) 
70. Late Night Adventurers - McGuffin's Tiger (K.O. Techno Anthem)  


69. No Doubt feat. Bounty Killer - Hey Baby (K.O. Techno Dub) (K.O. Techno Instrumental) (K.O. Sampella) 
68. Desi Arnaz - Babalu (K.O. Tribal Expedition Mix) (K.O. Tribal Expedition Dub) 
67. Lara Fabian - I Will Love Again (K.O. Euro Trance Mix) (K.O. Euro Trance Instrumental) 
66. Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (K.O.'s Harder & Faster Mix) 
65. The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (All The Lonely People) (K.O. Evolution Mix) (K.O. Evolution Dub) (K.O. Mixshow Mix) (K.O. Radio Edit) 
64.  A Hard Day's Night (K.O. Electro-Pop Mix) 
63. Michael & Janet Jackson - Scream (K.O. Epic Trance Mix) (K.O. Epic Trance Instrumental) (K.O. 7" Short Mix) 
62. Joseph Ederer - Mein Gott Bin Ich Verliebt In Dich (K.O. International Mix) (K.O. Abstracted Dub) 
61. Bubba Sparxxx - Ugly (K.O. Ugly Remix) 
60. Yellow Submarine (Rhythm Inc. Vocal Mix) (K.O. Garage Mix) (K.O. Garage Synthapella) (Rhythm Inc. Mastermix) 
59. Yvonne - Shout It Loud (K.O. Progressive House Mix) (K.O. Progressive House Instrumental) (K.O. Acapella) (K.O. Progressive Radio Mix) 
58. Jo James - Fall To Sleep (K.O. Vocal Trance Mix) (K.O. Trance Instrumental) (K.O. Club Acapella) (K.O. Trance Radio Mix) 
57. The Chemical Brothers - It Began In Afrika (K.O. Breakbeat Mix) 
56. DaCav5 - Keep Hatin' (K.O.'s Dub of Doom) 
55. Danny Tenaglia feat. Liz Torres - Do You Remember (K.O. Industrial House Dub) (K.O. Industrial House Dub Instrumental) 
54. DaCav5 - IV (V Remix feat. K.O.) 
53. DaCav5 - Stay Away (Raw Remix feat. K.O.) 
52. K.O. - Get Down (The Underground) (K.O. Breakdown Mix) 
51. DaCav5 - Bounce & Pause (K.O.'s Spaced Out D & B Mix) (K.O.'s Spaced Out D & B Instrumental) 
50. Chuck Roberts - My House (K.O. Acid House Of X Megamash) 
49. Busta Rhymes - Woo-hah!! Got You All In Check (K.O. House Of Trance Mix) 
48. Tristan Dee - Rise & Fall (K.O. Underground Anthem) 
47. John B. Norman - I Can't Stop (K.O. Trance Mix) 
46. Lori Trespicio & The Bostonians - Respect (K.O. Euro Rap Remix feat. B-Roc) (K.O. Euro Madness Dub) (K.O. Euro Radio Mix) 
45. Jodeci - Freek'n You (K.O. Freek The Vocal Mix) (K.O. Freek'n Dub) (K.O. Radio Mix) 
44. K.O. - Dat Booty (K.O. Booty Acid Dub) 
43. Mada & Moody - Blackout (K.O. Techno Stomp Mix) 
42. Mya - Case of the Ex (Watcha Gonna Do) (K.O. Tribal Rhythms Mix) (K.O. Tribal Beats Dub) (K.O. Tribal Rhythms Radio Mix) 
41. Playboy - In Da Jungle (K.O. Rave Jungle Mix) (K.O. Jungle Dub) (Bonus Beats) 
40. K.O. - El O (K.O. Hard & Fast Mix) 
39. Madison Avenue - Who The Hell Are You (K.O. Sleazy Mix) (K.O. "Madison Attitude" Tribal Anthem) (K.O. Dubamental) 
38. DaCav5 - Pop **** (K.O. Techstep Remix) 
37. Dru Hill - In My Bed (K.O. NYC Trance Mix) (K.O. Vocal House Mix) (K.O. Hands In The Air Dub) 
36. B-Roc - LN4 (K.O. Remix) 
35. Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (K.O. Vocal Mix) 


34. O-Town - All For Love (K.O. Vocal Mix) (All For Dub) 
33. Love Tribe - Stand Up (K.O. Progressive House Mix) (K.O. Progressive House Dub) 
32. Danny Tenaglia - Headhunter (K.O. Cazar La Cabeza Mix) 
31. KBMD Project - Blue Eyes (K.O. Tribal Mix) (K.O. Tribal Instrumental) 
30. Sizequeen - Dance (K.O. Deep House Mix) 
29. Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby (K.O. Fiesta Dub) 
28. Ja Rule - Holla Holla (K.O. Remix) 
27. KBMD Project - Enjoy Yourself (Come On) (K.O. Remix) (K.O. Vocal Dub) (K.O. Rock Remix)  
26. Frank Ski - Tony's Bitch Track (K.O.'s Ultimate Bitch Track) 
25. Everything But The Girl - Temperamental (K.O. Vocal Mix) (K.O. "Love Me" Dub) (K.O. Acapella Loop) 
24. Shannon - Give Me Tonight (K.O. NYC Club Anthem) (K.O. Club Anthem Edit) (K.O. Filter Speed Dub) 
23. Funky Green Dogs - Body (Rhythm Inc. Full-Body Dub) 
22. K.O. - Bang Some **** (The Hip-House Mix)  


21. Kostas Petropoulos - Let The Rhythm Penetrate You (Penetration Mix) (African Tribal Mix) (Penetration Beats) (Silent Assassins '07 Remix) 
20. Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) (K.O.Tribal Anthem) (K.O. Tribal Dub) (K.O. Tribal Beats) 
19. Lula - Man=Drug (K.O. Tribal Essence Mix) (K.O. Dark Mix) (Organ Dub) 
18. Kardia - Empty Kisses (K.O. Epic House Mix) 
17. Lectroluv - Dream Drums (K.O. Dream Mix) 
16. Two Man Rush - Energy (K.O. High Energy Mix) 
15. Everything But The Girl - Wrong (K.O. Tribal Trance Mix) 
14. Acid Factor - Fantasy (K.O. Deep House Mix) 
13. Kevin Aviance - Rhythm Is My B (K.O. Club Explosion) 
12. K.O. - Bustin' Out (House Mix) 
11. Robbie Tronco - Fright Train (Rhythm Inc. Future Mix) 
10. Ebony Foster - Crazy For You (K.O. Instrumental) (K.O. Flanged-Up Instrumental) 
9. Francesca Bernadette DiMeglio - One More Story (K.O. Tribal Mix) 
8. Francesca Bernadette DiMeglio - Freedom (K.O. Club Anthem) (K.O. Future Dub) 
7. Club 69 - Drama (K.O. Tribal Mix) 
6. Techno Rap (Extended Club Mix) (Re-edit) 
5. Reina - Find Another Woman (K.O. Destroyer Mix) (K.O. Future Mix) 
4. Groove Thing - Command & Obey (K.O.'s Bangin' Instrumental ) 
3. Proyecto Uno - Pumpin' ('99 Dub) 1998 
2. Blue Boy - Remember Me (K.O. Funk Vibe Mix) 
1. Brainbug - Nightmare (K.O. vs. Club 69 Future Mix)



83. To The Sound (as Silent Assassins) 
82. The Hot Tamale Train (as Merry Merfy) 
81. Bompa (as Silent Assassins) 
80. Bump (as Silent Assassins) 
79. Assassins Anthem (as Silent Assassins) 
78. 1 A.M. (as Silent Assassins) 
77. Priapus (as Silent Assassins) 
76. Farscape (as Silent Assassins) 
75. 2 Guys & An Oscillator (as Silent Assassins) 
74. The Abyss (as Silent Assassins) 
73. Shout (as Silent Assassins) 
72. Code Red (as Silent Assassins) 
71. Motivate (as Silent Assassins) 
70. Journey To The Center Of Nowhere (as Silent Assassins) 
69. The Discovery (as Silent Assassins) 


68. Adagio For Strings 
67. The Drop 
66. Follow This (feat. Cher) 


65. That's It (feat. B-Roc) 
64. Scream! (K.O. RumpShaka Mix) 
63. MC323 
62. Sunday Night Bump 
61. Possessed 


60. Screaming O Pt. 2 
59. Digital Arabic 
58. Tribalism 
57. (Who Wanna) Bang!? (feat. B-Roc) 
56. Sacude La Colita 
55. All I Want 
54. Da Old Skool 
53. Nash 
52. Don't Ever Stop 
51. Straight Whylin' 
50. Da Joint 
49. Beater 
48. Get Funky 
47. La Familia 
46. Hard  
45. Vibes 
44. Let Em Come
43. So Low 
42. Get Down (The Underground) 
41. Tribal Timps 
40. Push This (feat. DJ Korban) 
39. Dat Booty 
38. The Tunnel 
37. El O 
36. Dat Is Wack (feat. B-Roc) 
35. I Hate You 
34. How Many  (The Cannon) 


33. Who Got Beef 
32. All You  
31. I'm Back  
30. Spanish Joint 
29. Oriental Rap Thing
28. Ride Da Whip 
27. For Real (feat. B-Roc) 
26. Rage Against The B's (feat. B-Roc) 
25. Can't Stop This (feat. "J") 
24. Gabba (Exercise) 
23. No (feat. B-Roc, Syn, DJ o8o, & R.A.P.) 
22. Classico Style 
21. The World Is Mine 
20. It's All About The...  
19. Screaming O 2000 


18. Let The Rhythm Penetrate You 
17. O Kopelles 
16. Temetum 
15. I'm Gonna Rock This 
14. Ghetto's On Fire 
13. Still Goin' 
12. On A Rampage 
11. Urban Flavor 
10. Ragga Latina 
9. 500  
8. My Ass Is Tight 
7. O Rythmos EInai Zestos 
6. I Ain't Leavin' 
5. Freestyle Flow 
4. Bang Some  
3. Bustin' Out 
2. Welcome To The New 


1. Carmen Astrorum



36. David Guetta - David Guetta Megamix (The Popstar & K.O. Megaclub Mix) [keyboards & overdubs] 


35. Jillian - Love U All Over (The Popstar & K.O. Unreleased Mix) [keyboards & overdubs] 
34. Ricki-Lee Coulter - Hell No! (Jones & K.O. Hell To The Naw Club Mix) [keyboards & overdubs] 
33. Britney Spears - Someday (I Will Understand) (The Popstar & K.O. Club Mix) (The Popstar & K.O. Dub) [keyboards & overdubs] 
32. Fanatic feat. Deborah Cox - Stupid Like U (The Popstar & K.O. Club Mix) [keyboards & overdubs] 
31. Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake & Charlie Wilson - Signs (Jones & K.O. Vibelicious Funkadelic Mix) [keyboards & overdubs] 


30. Randy Friess - Proud Mary [musical arrangement, keyboards & overdubs, recording, mixing, engineering] 


29. DaCav5 feat. Dicap - Live At The Flying W [recorded, engineered, mastered] 
28. Whitney Houston - Whatchulookinat (Vibelicious Strikes Back Mix) [keyboards & overdubs] 
27. Eve feat. Alicia Keys - Gangsta Lovin' (Vibelicious Club Mix) [keyboards & overdubs] 
26. Chelsi Smith - Dom Da Da (Vibelicious Main Mix) (Vibelicious Radio Edit) [keyboards & overdubs] 
25. Various Artists - Sweat Mix Vol. 1 [beatmixed, recorded, edited, mastered] 
24. Faith Evans - You Gets No Love (Vibelicious Club Mix) (Vibelicious Dub) [keyboards & overdubs] 
23. 112 - Dance With Me (Vibelicious Club Mix) (Vibelicious Dub) [keyboards & overdubs] 
22. Luther Vandross - Can Heaven Wait (Vibelicious Club Mix) (Vibelicious Dub) [keyboards & overdubs] 
21. Macy Gray - S Revolution (Vibelicious Club Mix) (Vibelicious Dub) [keyboards & overdubs] 
20. Shakira - Whenever Wherever (Vibelicious Club Mix) (Vibelicious Dub) [keyboards & overdubs] 
19. Mary J. Blige - No More Drama (Vibelicious Club Mix) (Vibelicious Dub) [keyboards & overdubs] 


18. B-Roc - Try Me 2001 [music, produced, mixed, engineered] 
17. B-Roc - How Many Times [music, produced, mixed, engineered] 

16. B-Roc - B2G Megamix Pt. 2 [arranged, mixed, engineered] 
15. B-Roc - B2G Megamix Pt. 1 [arranged, mixed, engineered] 
14. B-Roc - Lenape N 3 [music] 
13. B-Roc - Lenape N 2 [music] 
12. B-Roc - Won't Stop [music] 
11. B-Roc - Ready Roc (Intro) [music] 
10. KBMD Project - Blue Eyes [music, produced, mixed, engineered] 
9. B-Roc - Lenape N [music, produced, mixed] 
8. KBMD Project - Enjoy Yourself (Come On) [recorded, mixed, engineered] 
7. B-Roc - B2G [mastered] 
6. R.A.P. - Bright Like Light [mastered] 
5. R.A.P. & B-Roc - Rock w/ Us [music] 
4. R.A.P. - Stop Jockin' Me [music] 
3. R.A.P. - U Ain't No Big Boy [music] 


2. Francesca Bernadette DiMeglio - One More Story [recorded, mixed, engineered] 
1. Francesca Bernadette DiMeglio - Freedom [recorded, mixed, engineered]


Danger Twins - Like What You See (K.O. Dance Party Mix)

Michael Weatherly - Under The Sun (K.O. Ibiza Sunrise Mix)

A Gift Of Love feat. Martin Sheen - Caught In The Fire Of Love (K.O. Trance Mix)


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